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About Us

The Tutors Academy - Looking back at the years gone by, since our inception and the kind of result we have put up in NDA / CDS examinations, we have created an unparalleled reputation across the western U.P. Overwhelming as the results are, it is heartening to know that we have worked hard with an uncommon determination for them. And in doing so, along the way we have now managed to make extraordinary achievements an ordinary routine for ourselves.
But such accomplishments come with their own share of challenges. Whenever a student comes to The Tutors Academy, Meerut, he brings with him such high expectations, not just from himself but also from his parents. With tens of hundreds of students every year, it becomes a big challenge for us to live up to the expectations of each one of them. But at TTA, we have this tradition of accepting challenges howsoever big they are, even if we have to toil harder or walk every extra mile. Which is why, we always have to constantly evolve to keep up with the times, insist on the highest standards of teaching and seek perfection in every thing we do.